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HSE Level 3


The HSE Level 3 course is designed to provide advanced skills in HSE management. It offers deeper understanding of the core elements essential for the design, implementation and improvement of sound HSE management system. The course is one of the tools used by ISPON to regulate the practice of safety and ensure continuous professional development of safety professionals in Nigeria. Persons who desire to be registered as safety professionals in Nigeria must have undergone this course as a mandatory requirement. It is also required by organisations as part of personnel competence during projects, accreditations, interviews or other critical processes. Therefore, the HSE Level 3 training is in regular high demand.
The objectives of this training include:
  1. Provide in-depth understanding of the relevance of effective HSE management;
  2. Provide advanced skills for the development, implementation and maintenance of sound HSE management system in any organisation;
  3. Expose participants to various tools and techniques for risk management;
  4. Prepare participants to meet minimum requirements for the practice of safety management.
At the end of the training, participants will:
  1. Gain in-depth understanding of the need for good HSE management system in organisations;
  2. Be able to design, implement, maintain and audit HSE management systems;
  3. Be able to monitor and improve safety performance in organisations;
  4. Be able to perform risk management using the hazard and effect management process (HEMP);
  5. Be able to demonstrate needed safety leadership in organisations;
  6. Demonstrate minimum competency required for registration and practice as safety professionals in Nigeria.
HSE Level 3 training is suitable for workers at the management level in organisations. Persons who work as managers, supervisors, team leads, foremen, site engineers, and other similar roles, or persons seeking to be registered as safety professionals should participate in this training.