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HSE Level 3
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General HSE


The General HSE course is designed to provide basic understanding and necessary awareness of safety management in organisations. The course will provide needed HSE skills for field and office workers in both public and private establishments to be able to perform their tasks safely and successfully.
The objectives of this training include:
  1. Provide basic understanding of safety management in organisations;
  2. Equip participants with skills to improve safety performance during tasks;
  3. Provide skills that will help develop a well-informed workforce that will play; active roles in the organisation’s risk management.
At the end of the training, participants will:
  1. Understand the need for safety management in organisations;
  2. Understand the roles of HSE officers;
  3. Be able to identify the hazards and risks in their tasks and the basic controls to employ;
  4. Be able to contribute effectively to achieving the HSE objectives in their organisation.